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Recycling for the African Context

Accessible, Attainable & Inclusive

Our Services

At React, we currently offer two recycling collection services. A recycling collection for  Non-Organic items, and a recycling collection for Organic Items.

Non-Organic Items

In South Africa, the landfill capacity is fast becoming an impending crisis. With only 7.5% of South African’s recycling, we currently have over 90% of waste produced ending up in landfills - 60% of which can be recycled. Besides the negative impact this has on the environment, The Environmental Affairs Department has also warned that many landfills are reaching full capacity and that South Africa is running out of space for “waste” disposal. Keep reading to find out how YOU can help.

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Organic items

According to studies, Methane gas has more than 80 times the warming power of the greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide. One of the biggest sources of Methane emissions comes from the decay of organic “waste” in municipal landfills. Simply put, when we send organic items to landfill, such as eggshells, tea bags, coffee grounds, meat, dairy products, and fruit and vegetable scraps, they are unable to decompose aerobically as there is no oxygen available. Instead, these items are subject to anaerobic decomposition which results in large amounts of Methane emissions. But that’s not all... Keep reading to find out how YOU can help.

How it works

Only difference between the paid and free is the method of collection.

Sign up

Check if we collect in your area. Sign up for the Recycling Collection Service you require.

Place your bin outside

Your recycling bin outside on collection day.

Collection method

With Paid a truck collects your recycling and with free someone collects with tricycle.

Get rewarded

After each collection you will earn Remali.

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Our Carbon Footprint Impact

We partner with Waste Reclaimers, by providing them with uniforms, recycling tricycles, decentralised recycling hubs and smartphones and connecting them to residents who separate their recyclables.

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No. of decentralized hubs


Tons of recycled waste


No. of carbons emissions reduced


Active recyclers

What to recycle 

You might be surprised to find out that there are MANY materials, both organic and non-organic, that are able to be recycled through our collection services.

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Thanks for submitting!

Check if we collect 
in your area

If we are not yet servicing your area, please do show your interest by filling out your details. The more people that sign up from your area, the quicker we will be able to come to your area.

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with Remali

Remali was created to make recycling fun and rewarding with the goal of getting more people to recycle.

Get rewarded for recycling

Explore our shop 

If you are registered and monthly paying customer, you can shop for recycling and composting equipment supplies.

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240l Recycling Wheelie Bin

A durable green 240l wheelie bin (same size as the black general refuse bin) to store your recyclables

R1207 (Incl VAT)

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Fabric-Coated Recycling Box

Make recycling at your house, office or school easy with the Recycling Box.

R205 (Incl VAT)

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Organic Waste Starter Kit - Combo 1

Shop for recycling and composting equipment supplies

R115 (Incl VAT)

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