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Recycling for the African Context

About React

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The Problem

Our mission is to make recycling accessible and ethical

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Lack of recycling participation

7.5% of South Africans participate in recycling

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Lack of Recycling Infrastructure

To service the majority of citizens.

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Unethical practices for waste reclaimers

Waste reclaimers are recycling - but in bad conditions and getting paid little to do so …

What if there was a way to give more South African’s access to recycling at home, to ensure that reclaimers are formally integrated and given fair compensation, without requiring large and expensive infrastructure?

Chad Robertson

Our Solution

Implement a recycling solution that builds on what exists and creates the ability to provide an accessible, ethical and FREE residential recycling collection service in lower income areas that don’t have access to these types of services.

Set up decentralized recycling hubs

waste reclaimers
in the collection system

Enable and encourage recycling participation

Set up decentralised recycling hubs

The Decentralized Solid Waste Management (DSWM) is a system to provide a clean environment and hygienic living condition by reducing the quantity of waste at source..

It involves the management of municipal solid waste by various small waste management centres within the locality.



Jobs created for waste reclaimers

Set up decentralised recycling hubs



Households serviced with a free collection

60 SQMT 

Space Required

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Our Carbon Footprint Impact

We partner with Waste Reclaimers, by providing them with uniforms, recycling tricycles, decentralised recycling hubs and smartphones and connecting them to residents who separate their recyclables.

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No. of decentralized hubs


Tons of recycled waste


Tonnes of carbons emissions reduced



Our Partners


React now and join the mission!

Did you know that by recycling with REACT, YOU are helping us create opportunities for communities to access recycling services for free, while supporting waste reclaimers?


Recycle With us


We collect from households, apartment blocks and offices.


Advertise with Us

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Our tricycles and trollies can be used for unique outdoor ad space.

Shop With Us

If you are registered and monthly paying customer, you can shop for recycling and composting equipment supplies.

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240l Recycling Wheelie Bin

A durable green 240l wheelie bin (same size as the black general refuse bin) to store your recyclables

R1207 (Incl VAT)

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Fabric-Coated Recycling Box

Make recycling at your house, office or school easy with the Recycling Box.

R205 (Incl VAT)

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Organic Waste Starter Kit - Combo 1

Shop for recycling and composting equipment supplies

R115 (Incl VAT)


Waste Picker Integrator

“I initially became a Waste Reclaimer Integrator (WRI) as a form of assistance to Nkazi to get the hubs running. Thereafter, I signed on as a WPI because I enjoyed the work that we were doing. I truly enjoy and am
passionate about working with people
and meeting new people on a daily
basis. I want the entire continent to be
recycling and fulfill mine, my husband's, and all the 12 us living in the same house's dreams.”


"I was an avid recycler, but because
the municipality has one collection
bin, I would put all the recycled bags
one big bin as there was no recycling
waste collection service provided by
the government. I registered for
Remali because I wanted to teach my
children not to litter and keep the
environment of my community clean.
Recycling has now become easier,
much like second nature, and it feels
great to be rewarded. It certainly is
better than nothing. It has helped me
lot, getting something for the kids."

Spaza Shop Owner

“I am a 61 years old spaza shop owner
who has running my store for over 20
years, with 6 family members who are
dependants. I have never used digital
payment methods in my spaza, not
until 2021 with Regenize when I
decided to become a Remali
distributor. What I like about Remali is
that it gives points to the customers
and has also ushered new and a
variety of customers to buy from my

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