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Our Mission

Did you know that only 7.5% of South African residents recycle?


As a result, over 90% of our waste that could be recycled ends up in landfills. In a country dealing with many issues, recycling is not a priority, and falls by the wayside.


At React, we see that there is more to it than just ‘saving the environment’. It’s about making changes to our daily living that can impact our lives and others positively.


We created React to motivate people to recycle. Through recycling, we wanted to provide an avenue for recyclers to contribute toward positive social change. By recycling with React, you are helping to shape a future where your environmental impact can be the catalyst for influencing industry behaviour, creating opportunities for communities to access recycling services and support for waste pickers – who are at the heart of driving recycling up in the country.

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Where it all started

Regenize's primary mission is to encourage recycling and promote responsible waste management practices in South Africa. They emphasize the importance of recycling not just as a way to manage waste, but also as a means to create social and environmental impact.


Community Engagement

One of the unique aspects of Regenize is its community-centered approach. They work with households and communities to incentivize recycling through various programs. These programs often involve rewarding individuals for their recycling efforts, which helps build a culture of recycling and environmental awareness.


Rewards Program

Regenize employs a rewards-based system to encourage recycling participation. Residents and households collect recyclable materials, which are then weighed and exchanged for points or rewards. These rewards can include discounts at partner stores, digital vouchers, and other incentives.



Regenize collaborates with various partners, including municipalities, businesses, and NGOs, to extend their impact and reach. Partnerships with local authorities help integrate their recycling initiatives into broader waste management systems.


Education and Awareness

Regenize places a strong emphasis on education and raising awareness about the importance of recycling and waste reduction. They work to inform individuals and communities about the environmental benefits of recycling and the role each person plays in creating a more sustainable future.

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